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™ 16 ™ Eligibility and Need A. Eligibility • You are receiving cash aid/TANF, • You have a qualifying need, and • You have an eligible child under 13 or a child with special needs under 19. B. Qualifying Need GAIN approves your Welfare-to-Work activity as a qualified need for Stage 1 child care services except if the activity is employment. CCRC may authorize child care if you are working or participating in any of the following: • Vocational education • Remedial education • Supportive service activities • Job club • Job search C. Approved Schedule e Notice of Action (ST1-12) authorizes child care for the approved Welfare-to- Work activity which includes an approved schedule based upon the employment or activity, and the travel time to and from the activity. Hours when your child(ren) attends school are deducted from hours approved. You must follow the approved schedule. You may be approved for a set schedule or a variable schedule. CCRC pays for child care costs only: • During hours authorized for care according to your approved schedule. • If you choose to enroll your child in a program that offers private education, CCRC will only pay for the part of the need that is for child care (not tuition). You are responsible for the cost of care during non-authorized hours or for the cost of child care you use for something other than your approved activity. If you are authorized for a variable schedule you must record your hours of work or participation in an approved activity on a Monthly Variable Schedule Calendar (ST1-21).

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