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™ 28 ™ sheet or the absence will be counted as unexcused. G. Notification of Changes within Five Business Days Changes in your circumstances may affect your eligibility and need. You are required to report any changes in your family status or child care need to your Case Specialist within five (5) business days. You must report any changes that include, but are not limited to the following: • Parent work or school schedule • Marital status/family size • Child school information • Employment (loss or change of job) • Income – increase or decrease of all countable income • Home or work address/phone number • Any other eligibility or need criteria If you fail to notify your Case Specialist of any changes within five (5) business days, you may be terminated from the program. You will be given up to two (2) occurrences for failure to notify. A third occurrence of failing to notify within a recertification year will result in termination of child care services. occurrence action taken First e Case Specialist will mail a Failure to Notify Letter. Second e Case Specialist will mail a second Failure to Notify Letter. ird Child care services will be terminated. H. Child Care Attendance Sheets When completing the attendance sheet, you are responsible for the following information: • To know the current approved hours for care. • Notify the Case Specialist of changes in the family status or child care need within five (5) business days. • To complete the attendance sheets based on hours used for care. • To complete the attendance sheet "in" and "out" time on a daily basis. • You must sign the bottom of the attendance sheet under penalty of perjury.

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